Monday, April 19, 2010

Opening Night and beyond

The first week of previews went beautifully and we're excited for opening night, particularly as there are only three tickets left for that performance! If you come to opening, please stay afterwards for the party hosted by The Gold Standard Cafe, across the street from the theatre. We always have a wonderful time there and love to meet and chat with the audience, so please don't be shy about introducing yourselves!

We're also incredibly excited about the souvenir program guide we have in the works. It may not be available in time for opening night, but it will feature the gorgeous photography of Kyle Cassidy and the otherworldly designs of Kambriel, Peacock Blue Design Studio, Mayfaire Moon and Clockwork Couture. It's been a dream to wear these garments, which lend just the right touch of timelessness and whimsy for the production... and we hope to spread that dreamlike state to you as well, through the images in the guide.

Be sure to ask us about the program guide, which will be available for a nominal fee at some point within the next two weeks. To whet your appetite, Cassidy's production photos will be on view in the lobby of the theatre.

We look forward to seeing you at Twelfth Night!

-Jennifer Summerfield-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seams and Steam

So many exciting things to tell you as we gear up for our first Preview this Thursday, April 15th!

First, The Nerd Signal covered our production recently in a lovely article and used some of the fantastic publicity photos taken by Kyle Cassidy!

Second, talks are underway for the cast of Twelfth Night to appear at The Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ on Sunday May 16th. This is the only event of its kind on the East Coast and our production seems to be tailor made for such a festival! We're all thrilled to collaborate with such an energetic and gifted team of artists.

And finally, not only do we have actual steam helping to create just the right atmosphere, but costumes keep pouring in from unbelievable sources! Take this stunning Mayfaire Moon corset, for example, that was hand delivered on Friday evening, worn here by Chelsea Bulack, our enchanting Viola.

Boxes have arrived from Peacock Blue Design Studio and Kambriel as well!

It's been an amazing journey thus far, and we can't wait to share this production with you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stitching a production together

As we move into tech week, we're putting the finishing touches on set and costumes sot that we have the best impression of how the stage lights play on the fabrics and metal piping.

Karen Heenan, one of our valuable costuming crew, sews and creates pieces for the actors as the need arises. The following photos represent costuming in progress as we make sure the garments fit and match other items provided by the designers who have donated key pieces.

Boots and stockings here were provided by Clockwork Couture.

And the back of the costume in progress represents the intended bustle effect which will eventually mirror the sleeves of the amazing jacket that Kambriel is providing.

More pieces will be arriving today and tomorrow and we will post more photos as everything is woven together!

- Jennifer Summerfield -