Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fresh Off the Set

I have always been told that you never know where life might take you. Today Artistic director Paul and I (your friendly neighborhood Stage Manager) had just such an experience. Paul got a call early in the day from John*, a Curio family friend who works in the Biz. He wanted to let us know that a local, big name movie** set he'd been working on was to be dismantled, and asked if we want any of the scrap.

Now when I say scrap, I mean that everything from a set that the higher-up movie-people want is wrapped, packaged, boxed, and sent on its way to be used somewhere else, and everything else is scrap.

Everything else is scrap.

Desks. Pillars. Spare lumber. Ceilings. Walls. Floors.

Paul and I packed as much neat looking "scrap" as we could into the van, trying not to gawk too much in the process, and drove away into the early evening feeling like bandits.

Pillars for Equus? A bigger desk for the Curio office? New seating for the unnamed New Basement Space?

Who knows. Anything could happen this season!

Stage 2

We're inside of the hanger: that big wooden structure is the outside of the set.
Here are the blueprints for the set.
It's an office!
Another view of the office.
 Paul and John check out the some high quality paneling.
Shorter actors use boxes like these to appear taller in the movies Paul asks: "Could we get away with this on stage?"
Above us, workers were taking down large yellow tubing that was used to pump cool air onto the set.
Those workers from the outside of the set.
"Scrap" that no one wants goes here.

*Special thanks to John for always letting us know when Big Things are happening
**I won't say what movie, because although Paul and John assured me that "nerding out" was OK, and that I could take as many pictures as i wanted, I'm still not sure that I won't be hauled away from my desk should I mention names and places. For now, I err on the side of caution!