Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo Night

We had a lovely photo shoot for The Runner Stumbles last Tuesday with Kyle Cassidy. As always it was a treat! The actors got all dressed up, we scouted the building for the perfect backdrop, and got a bunch of wonderful press photos.

Rehearsing and performing a play about a nun and a priest in a church has its advantages. We had some lovely locations to work with around the Calvary building, although it was a bummer to everyone that the stain glass windows were dark because of the rainstorm going on outside!

Take a look at these behind the scenes photos:

Steve and Isa pose for Kyle.
Kyle at work.
Did anyone call for a lawyer?
Steve and Isa pose (this time we're out in the hall!).
Paul lights Aetna, who is creepin' at the top of the stairs.

And the finished product:

Press shot for "The Runner Stumbles"
Taken by Kyle Cassidy. Pictured: Isa St. Clair and Steve Carpenter 

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pictures of Season 8!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pre Gala Photos

Our 2012 Benefit Gala was Saturday, and it's taken us three days to recover! It was a blast!

Most of the Company Members who were in attendance were working various stations at the event, and in all the hubbub we forgot to put someone (anyone!) on photo detail. So all of the pictures I have are from the Pre-Gala setup.

Just imagine that the tables are filled with smiling, well-dressed individuals, who love theatre and enjoy supporting the art.

We really wanted to give away that horse picture in our Live Auction... but we thought the nice people at St. Francis de Sales might still want it.

All the tables are up, now for table cloths and chairs!

Here is CJ: Supervisor Extraordinaire!

That's where DR Ketchup performed!

The finished look! Now we just have to wait for the guests!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Begins!

Work, work, work! The Curio office is a bustling place this week!

Here at Curio we start our season in September. And it's officially been September for 12 whole days now! So what's happening here at Curio that's go us so busy?


We've got our Benefit Gala on Saturday. We're having a whole evening of fundraising fun that will fund our new basement space.

Oh, have we mentioned we're opening a new basement space? We have? Oh, okay.Well, instead of talking about it some more, how about some photos?

We had to tear down a few walls in the process...

... but we've finally cleared out all the debris!

And if that wasn't enough fun, we also have our first full-cast read-through rehearsal for The Runner Stumbles on Monday! And then we'll have rehearsal and meetings and build days and then, finally, shows!
In fact, today's production meeting went fantastically well. Here are some shot of the new set:

Paul shows us where the next platform will be.

Do these platforms look familiar? How about that ocean?
Most of the set is up, but don't walk on it! Not all of it is secure!!

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news on Season 8!