Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pre Gala Photos

Our 2012 Benefit Gala was Saturday, and it's taken us three days to recover! It was a blast!

Most of the Company Members who were in attendance were working various stations at the event, and in all the hubbub we forgot to put someone (anyone!) on photo detail. So all of the pictures I have are from the Pre-Gala setup.

Just imagine that the tables are filled with smiling, well-dressed individuals, who love theatre and enjoy supporting the art.

We really wanted to give away that horse picture in our Live Auction... but we thought the nice people at St. Francis de Sales might still want it.

All the tables are up, now for table cloths and chairs!

Here is CJ: Supervisor Extraordinaire!

That's where DR Ketchup performed!

The finished look! Now we just have to wait for the guests!

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