Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo Night

We had a lovely photo shoot for The Runner Stumbles last Tuesday with Kyle Cassidy. As always it was a treat! The actors got all dressed up, we scouted the building for the perfect backdrop, and got a bunch of wonderful press photos.

Rehearsing and performing a play about a nun and a priest in a church has its advantages. We had some lovely locations to work with around the Calvary building, although it was a bummer to everyone that the stain glass windows were dark because of the rainstorm going on outside!

Take a look at these behind the scenes photos:

Steve and Isa pose for Kyle.
Kyle at work.
Did anyone call for a lawyer?
Steve and Isa pose (this time we're out in the hall!).
Paul lights Aetna, who is creepin' at the top of the stairs.

And the finished product:

Press shot for "The Runner Stumbles"
Taken by Kyle Cassidy. Pictured: Isa St. Clair and Steve Carpenter 

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pictures of Season 8!

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