Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collaboration, Steampunk Style

We're at that exciting point in the rehearsal process when set and costumes and character discovery begin to come together and we all breathe a collective sigh and say "Yes, this is what it's about!"

Liz Carlson, our dynamic director, was caught here, in the act of breathing that great theatrical sigh of happiness during this afternoon's rehearsal.

One of the wonderful things about this particular set is that it hangs, suspended, in one of the most beautiful architectural sites of West Philadelphia -- our backdrop is Curio's massive pipe organ, which suddenly looks like the essence of all that is Steampunk . Why, it could belch smoke at any moment!

And boxes of costume donations continue to come in from wonderful sources, like Jared Axelrod, who is the very face of Steampunk, and the wonderful Donna Ricci of Clockwork Couture.

Collaborating with so many creative minds and talents has been an exciting experience, and has helped this production blossom into something quite wonderful and unique.

- Jennifer Summerfield -

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