Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Week Down

Week one of rehearsal is over! Granted, half of the week was filled with read-throughs and workshops, but that doesn't mean there was any less work being done. We've danced and played through the First Movement (Eurydice doesn't have acts, like other, more pedestrian plays) and are ready to forge ahead!

On the schedule for next week is Day Three of Suzuki training (which means rocking it out to, and with, the Stones), slogging through the Second Movement, and straight on till morning. I mean straight on to the Third Movement.

What did we learn this week? Let's make a list:

  • The Jitterbug isn't hard. It's just slightly more complicated than your average macarena. Especially when you have lines.
  • Suzuki is hard. But it's a really good workout, it connects you to you core, and it becomes art when Paul Kuhn does it (I type with a metaphorical gun to my head).

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