Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"What light through younder window breaks?"

Our productions don't always have cameras (although we've had some fantastically creative promotional videos created by Brian Siano), but lights and action we have plenty of. And while typically the lights are pointed blindingly at the actors, we here at Curio thought it might be nice to give them a small break.

Want to see what we're so excited about? Just walk past our entrance on Baltimore Avenue after sunset. If you're feeling lazy, or have had a tiring day, you can peruse the photos at the bottom of this post instead, but I highly recommend seeing this light for yourself. It may just look like some typeface-talented toddler graffiti-ed the sidewalk with glow in the dark chalk, but don't be fooled! Attached to the Calvary roof, through perilous and ungodly feats of engineering madness, is a huge, bazooka-shaped light (as we laymen like to call it) with a fancy, schmancy, glass gobo in it.

Basically, it's like the bat-signal. Only with color. And we pointed it at the ground. And when it's on, instead of crime, there's theatre.

Special thanks to Jimmy Reynolds, without whom this monstrous instrument would not have made it onto the Calvary roof.

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Anonymous said...

That looks marvelous. It should draw people in like a fire sale.