Friday, March 9, 2012

Pre-Production Shenanigans

With Slaughterhouse-Five drawling to a close, we here at Curio have started pre-production on our final show this season: William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

In preparation, Director Dan Hodge, Set Designer and Artistic Director Paul Kuhn, and Stage Manager Beth Johnson (that's me!) took a trip up to the highest points of the Calvary Center for Culture and Community.

Now, telling you why we did this would be telling, and would most certainly include spoilers and inside information. So while I can't tell you why we went, I can show you what we saw!

Some I-Beams

Some more I-Beams, and Calvary's Chapel Dome

Closer view of Calvary's Chapel Dome

Calvary Center's Bell Tower

Philidelphia Skyline from the West

Gold Standard
Baltimore Avenue, and the houses North

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