Friday, March 23, 2012

There's a Tempest a' brewing!

Rehearsals are once again underway! We've got a cast; we've got a director; we've got designers. Now it's time to think about putting on a show! If you're wondering what we're doing to get ready for Shakespeare's The Tempest take a gander at the photos below!

First Read
(L/R: Ken Opdenaker, Steve Carpenter, Brian McCann, Isa St. Clair)
Just finished the first read
(L/R: Anna Butler, Liam Castellan, Robert DaPonte, Isa St. Clair)
First day on our feet - Director Dan Hodge blocks the Royals
(L/R: Paul Kuhn, Aetna Gallagher, Eric Scotolati, Liam Castellan, Ken Opdenaker, Dan Hodge)
Set Designer Paul Kuhn contemplates the stage during a break

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