Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eurydice Week Four: Tech!

This week was tech. Next week we open! I'd say more but honestly, do you want me to spoil everything?

What did we learn this week?
String tangles. Constantly.
Placing children (and actors) in water causes water fights.
Working over the ambient drip drip drip of water is more difficult than you'd think. Especially when you're standing underneath the spigot.
Costume parades are the closest you can get to Halloween before, well, Halloween.
Harry (Big Stone) makes some pretty tasty donuts (but only if you bug him to).

And now for photos! Granted, they're not as good as the photos taken during our photo shoot on Saturday with Kyle Cassidy, photographer extraordinaire. We'll try to post those later. (If you want to see them now, check out the Facebooks)

Loud Stone n' Little Stone
Stones in the Water
More Stones in the Water

Red Umbrellas are all the fashion
A Stage Manager's desk collects so many things...
"It's so high up!"

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