Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week Three, Eurydice

If you don't think that beautiful rhyme in today's blog title was cleverly thought out, then clearly you're not reading it the same way I am. But that doesn't mean you can't read on!

This week we had a wonderful Designer Run for, well, the designers. What is this thing we call a Designer Run? It's all in the name. We do a full (but still rough) run through without stopping for our designers so that they can see the full product. Most of them haven't seen anything of the show up until this point in the rehearsal process. So, for instance, the lighting designer can see where the actors are, what the mood of a scene is, and then have an idea of what and how he needs to light the show. Pretty neat, huh? We also had a lovely visit from our composer. He had lots of great tunes for us to dance, bike, and Suzuki to.

The lights are almost all up. The actors are off book. Next week is tech. We are, as they say, moving right along.

What did we learn this week?

  • Glenn Miller is all you could want in a fifty's musician, and more
  • String houses don't just take time, they take a lot of time
  • The Arden Shakespeare edition of King Lear makes a fantastic thump noise when thrown from a height of 10 feet
  • Orpheus writes a lot of letters...
  • Stones and Eurydice take direction
Hats are fun!
Working Stones

Orpheus writes another letter
Father takes a phone call

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