Friday, October 7, 2011

Water and Snacks

So it's official: we have water! On the stage! Splashing people! Gallons and gallons of it!

But enough about that, let me tell you a secret: the only reason any actor goes to any rehearsal is in the hopes that there will be snacks. For Eurydice rehearsals, we've somehow gotten into a rotation of snack brining, not unlike a children's soccer league. So some days our stage manager Beth will bring in home baked cookies and muffins and full blown cakes and stuff, some days CJ Keller will bring in three gummy bears for the cast and crew (for the record there are about 10 people at any given rehearsal). Then sometimes it becomes my day for snack bringing, so on those days there are no snacks.

That is, until today! During yesterday's rehearsal I was shamed by an anonymous stage manager (who may or may not have been already mentioned in this post) into dusting off the old oven and baking something for tonights rehearsal:

Not the most photogenic donuts in the world, but having eaten four of them already, I can tell you they are decadently good.

And now for the catch: if you want to know what's in em and how to make em, you'll have to come see Eurydice, opening next week. If you ask me after the show, I'll tell you the secrets of fried cakey wonderfulness.

Harry Slack (Big Stone)

PS Go Phillies

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